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Revolution in Indonesia’s Oil Industry (2) *

The situation has already been changed, since the emergence of Law number 22 of 2001, Domestic oil industry has not being monopolized by Pertamina. Now Peratmina is just as own state company, which is operated in oil industry. The regulation … Continue reading

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Revolution in Indonesia’s Oil Industry *

Oil industry is one of utility industries, which usually highly related with public interest. The sensitiveness of fuel is mostly in price, which in the past fully determined by government. A little change in fuel price usually effects to instability … Continue reading

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Ayu Utami dan Tri Utami *

Akhir-akhir ini aku lagi seru-serunya baca karya terbaru dari Ayu Utami, Bilangan Fu. Selalu surprise setiap kali membaca karya wanita yang satu ini. Dia begitu piawai mengangkat hal-hal tradisional bahkan primitive yang sudah banyak dilupakan oleh org2 menjadi pengetahuan yg … Continue reading

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