Did KPK Overacting? *

some are shocked by the backthrough policy launched by KPK in regard with the obilgation for the accused person to wear special uniform. in addition, KPK has prepared to involve in budget meeting of DPR. how should we response to those policies? hereby, i will just focus on the policy of involving in budget meeting. in regard with imposing special uniform for accused person, i definitely agree with them. corruption is special crime that potentially create massive damage in societey so the special treatment must be applied to the actors. as a notice the uniform has to remains respect to the human right and not violate the “pra duga tak bersalah” principles. for instance by appearing the label of uniform in accordace with the status of the accused persons.
how about the idea of KPK to involve in budget meeting? my position regarding to this idea is tend to be disagree. in principle, KPK tries to prevent the corruption since the very beginning stage of constructing the government budget. it is ok since KPK could ensure that monitoring system including the staff that they build is highly protected from the possibility of bribering and contaminate from external bad influence that could treat integrity of KPK itself. if KPK highly involve in the unclear systeam like ordinary governemnt system, it will potentially treat the clearence of KPK as institution that until now can be grade great. the best choice in my oppinion is keep stay outside of the system and work maximally when they found the violation of the regulation on the system. the basic principle should be awared by KPK is just like the principle on the soccer game that “the refree does not be permitted to involve in exercise section of particular club”. because when refree too close to the player, coach and management, it will potentially create what so called conflict of interest. Thus, keep stay away outside the system is the best choice of KPK if they want not loose their reputation. hopefully KPK can formulate the best decision…

*) originally the article was written at 12 agustus 2008

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