Innocent Keynesian *

On which level should government involve in economy? This is ongoing debate that could not been concluded yet. But, for me, at least there is one point that should not be doubt “government must be remain exist in economy in order to protect the interest of unlucky citizens who unfortunately often as the majority”. Smith may argued that they will be protected by “invisible hand”, which some said that it was representation of God in regulating the globe. He might forget that God “needs” the effort of the people to change unlucky destiny currently they run. Latest world economic condition shows that the market is getting far away from perfect competition, which is the market condition that ensures equal allocation of the resources for all actors. The market leader abuses their market power in order to grape more profit without giving attention to uncontrollable of hunger and unemployment. The power of money controls economy as whole and letting real sectors being stagnant. On these situations, government should play their role. The problem is how should government play their role in economy? The simple answer is being innocent. Government as organization, institution or person should act like kasim (just remember about the ancient history of China) or slave in serving people interest. They should free from particular group or their selves interest. The story telling about fault involvement of government in economy is often because of the lack concern of them to avoid egoistic interest. They should remember that they are paid by citizens so the interest of all citizens should be the priority. The next question arise, does not the policy formulated by government is kind of political mechanism where various interest allowed to compete in? Hereby, we have to differentiate between government as political institution and as tool of applying policy or commonly called bureaucracy. As political institution, government may open to take any interest or intervention. But this mechanism just allowed until the process of constructing grand policy including budget to support it. In implementation process of the grand policy, the kind of government who responsible is it as institution what so called bureaucracy. Thus, what I mention that government should free from any interest is in term of government as bureaucracy. In my opinion, even though political mechanism is known as the dirty process, but the policy resulted by it is never constructed by intention to damaging society or destructing people. The problem often arises is in the implementation of it. One that causes is related whit managing the interest influencing the bureaucracy. Thus, for civil servant in particular, just being innocent Keynesian. Seorang Keynesian yang lugu……

*originally this article was written at 18 Agustus 2008

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