American style Authoritarianism

concerning the way of America in expanding the liberalism, democracy and free trade idea, there are some weird phenomenon arise when we deeply look at the current reality. just recall first that the purpose of that idea was to ensure the basic right of every people either in term of politics, economy, social and culture. well, the ongoing condition is likely to be in contrary. the policy they decide is more focus on their interest, instead uphold the core issue related to human right. just imagine, is it possible to provide people freedom in any sector and any country when they, in same time, try to place the military agent in every strategic area, which is actually it is part of other countries territory? yes, they just ensure their interest merely, even for that purpose, they had ignored other country’s sovereignty. so what is the different between US idea with communism that use the power of country to treat the freedom of individual. actually, they just replace authoritarianism from inside one country to be applied to the world at whole. let see the future of this ideology…..

*this article was written at 19 February 2009

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