hope mom will enjoy the trip

before i write down more, firstly, I have to honestly tell that this story was inspired by what Agus told in his blog (www.avgustin.net). About less than next 2 weeks, I will married and the wedding reception will be held in Baturaja, the small town part of South Sumatra province, around 250 km west side of Jakarta – the town now I’m living in. You can imagine, how far it is from Demak, my home town, 8 hour driving from Jakarta at East direction. For me, actually it is not big deal due to I had experienced in adventuring sulawesi – the place that well known of uncomfortable road to be tripped and extreme landscape. But, it will be different for my mom, person who very reluctant to get trip due to the trip sicknesses problem. this problem often disturb my mind even has been my consideration when decide to ask my beloved Maya as my wife. nevertheless, the problem actually is just in my mind. even though i clearly know that the trip sicknesses is still become problem of My mom, but in any conversation, I can’t find the grumble sentence told by her. She tries to brace up me and convince me that everything will be OK. it is really big sacrifice. Now, I can understand why Agus ready to ignore all of he has had and all of dreams he has built, just for reduce His mom sadness due to the cancer she suffer. Those are the reasons why God put the heaven below mom’s feet.

*this article was written at 23 juni 2009

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2 Responses to hope mom will enjoy the trip

  1. suci says:

    so sweet li. ๐Ÿ™‚ mata gw berkaca-kaca baca nya. ๐Ÿ™‚

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